infidelity a love story

infidelity a love story

Is Infidelity a Love Story?

It might sound like a strange thing to ask but really, is infidelity a love story? Whether we like it or not, it’s happening to many of us every single day and no matter what the reason for it, it will usually leave one partner feeling lost and hurt. But perhaps that’s better than being stuck in an unhappy relationship? Is it really doing them a favour in the long term?

Cheated Partner Believes Infidelity a Love Story

It is often thought that the person who has been cheated on suffers the most and of course in the short term that is probably very true. But the question “Is Infidelity a Love Story?”, isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. If, for example, the cheated partner leaves the unhappy relationship, freed from the future hurt that it may have caused, wouldn’t this be a good thing?infidelity a love story

People may laugh when asked to consider infidelity a love story but if the break down of a relationship means that a new partner is found, ultimately bringing happiness, then it could indeed prove true. In some cases, it could actually prove a relief to the cheated partner, as they may also have been unhappy for a long time but lacked the courage to admit it or bring up the subject. Once they have learned of their husband, wife or partners disloyalty though, it may well prove to lift the burden, freeing them to move on in life.

Infidelity a Love Story for Cheat?

Likewise, the partner who actually decides to cheat in their relationship, is often doing so because they are unhappy, unfulfilled or just stuck in a boring and passionless rut. When two people reach the end of their partnership, is isn’t always the easiest thing to admit it, so cheating is an all-too-common solution.

There is the school of thought that believes, by the very action of cheating, the partner hopes to be found out and therefore solve the problem of how to end the relationship. That may well be true in some cases, after all it’s much easier to push the hard decisions onto someone else, rather than do it yourself.

So in this case, does the ‘infidelity a love story’ theory apply too? Well just like the cheated partner, this offers a new scenario and potential love match for the future, so yes, it is possible. The person cheating, for whatever reason, could find that they are a far better match with the new man or woman in their life, leading to future love and happiness.

Conclusion to infidelity  a love story

So while it’s far from an ideal situation, once you examine the potential facts, the premise of ‘infidelity a love story’, isn’t as bizarre as it may seem. It is not the only option though. If you are feeling lonely and in need of some attention, why not visit, it might help perk you right up!

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