Infidelity a Deal Breaker

Infidelity a Deal Breaker


Is Infidelity a Deal Breaker?


Many people see infidelity a deal breaker for their relationships, and wouldn’t accept their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse conducting an affair without their knowledge. Others don’t see infidelity a deal breaker, provided that they can speak openly with their partner about what is happening and can move past it.

So how can it all be broken down? Does a blanket approach work?

Infidelity a Deal Breaker – for Some?

Some people who have been cheated on by their partners or spouses find it easier to forgive and move on, even if infidelity a deal breaker for those around them.

In some instances, they may even be aware of the affairs the other partner is having and will be accepting of them. The partner may have medical issues that prevent sex and intimacy, or may simply no longer be interested. The other partner who is having an affair may be doing so with their spouse’s knowledge- and could even be using dating sites, like

This can seem strange to many people, who are raised with the societal idea that infidelity a deal breaker – always. In reality, there is a spectrum of fidelity, and not all of them fall within a traditional view of relationships.

Is Infidelity a Deal Breaker for You?

Your own circumstances will dictate whether or not you see infidelity a deal breaker or not. If you didn’t know what was happening with your partner and their affair partner, are open and accepting of what has gone on, but you don’t want the affair to continue, then it is indeed a deal-breaker.Infidelity a Deal Breaker

If your partner is truly sorry and wants to work on the relationship, then it’s possible to save it – but only if you want to do so. If you’ve decided to move on, then it’s over for both you and your other half, which they will have to accept as a consequence of their actions. In this instance, counselling will help you both come to terms with how your relationship works and how to deal with fidelity issues in the future.

Infidelity a Deal Breaker? Not Always

It really goes to show that infidelity a deal breaker for some and not for others. There’s no blanket approach to dealing with it; you simply have to focus on what will be best for you and the partner who has committed infidelity.

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