Infidelity Counseling

Infidelity Counseling


Infidelity Counseling what it is


The act of adultery by one partner in marriage often leads to severe consequences including divorce. It causes the other partner to feel betrayed, devastated, and confused. Infidelity ultimately breaks the trust that the relationship was founded on. Therefore, it is often difficult to move past this incident, and thus most couples choose to get divorced. However, some couples may opt to save their marriage. Infidelity counseling helps couples to determine the direction of their marriage if they are undecided as well as assist those who have decided to keep the marriage past the cheating incident.

Techniques used in infidelity counseling

Infidelity counseling offers an opportunity to the couple to express their emotions regarding the act of adultery. Communication is the primary method used infidelity counseling. This allows the parties involved to express themselves in a controlled environment. The presence of a trained counselor eliminates acting out of either of the parties thus facilitating effective communication. The trained counselor also helps the couple to identify the root or cause of the act which could be due to various reasons such as dissatisfaction in a relationship, low self-esteem, addiction to sex, and avoidance of personal or relationship issues among others. They are also instrumental in suggesting ways in which they can rectify and move past the situation. Counseling can help a couple rebuild the broken trust and also contribute towards the healing process. Infidelity counseling can also help couples make a decision of whether to terminate a relationship if nothing can be salvaged or continue the attempt to save it.

Effectiveness of infidelity counseling

Overcoming the act of infidelity is not an easy task. A lot of effort has to be put to achieve the best outcome, especially if a couple decides to ask for help from a professional therapist. Infidelity counseling will only work if both parties are willing to talk to a therapist. First and foremost, the involved parties are the ones behind the decision to see a therapist, and thus they should be willing to communicate. Through these communications, the parties will discover what caused the infidelity as well as know how that act affected the other partner. Infidelity CounselingThe level of cooperation and commitment by the involved parties also influences the effectiveness of infidelity counseling. Following the advice of the therapist also helps the parties involved to navigate through the difficult time after the incident.



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