Cheating definition – Infidelity consequences

cheating definition

What is the emotional cheating definition?

When two people get married, love generally is the deciding factor. When they say their marriage vows they have no problem with ‘for richer, for poorer’ or with ‘in sickness or in health’, it’s with the ‘forsaken all others’ that things get tricky.
In the beginning staying faithful might not be a problem, but with each passing year, that promise is harder and harder to keep. At some point, men and women might start to wonder about the cheating definition.

cheating definition

cheating definition – What is allowed and what isn’ty/h3>

Is it wrong to hold hands with a man that isn’t your husband? Is it unacceptable to kiss a woman who isn’t your wife? If you’re holding hands or kissing someone and it feels wrong, it probably is. Imagine catching your partner doing what you are doing – how would you feel? Would you feel cheated on? Your conscience will tell you what is allowed and what isn’t and you won’t have to wonder about the cheating definition.

Cyber sex

In some cases, there may not be any physical contact for people to start wondering about cheating definition. They go on dating sites, find someone they like and start chatting. Here the cheating definition becomes clear when you hastily close your computer when your partner walks into the room. You have something to hide.

Sex via text

Some people enjoy texting to share information and pictures. When those texts start to take on an intimate or even sexual nature or pictures are exchanged that you don’t want your partner to see the cheating definition is quite clear.

Sexual activity

Even the most ignorant person will have no problem with the meaning of a cheating definition when embroiled in sexual activity. Whether you’re involved in a one night stand or a long-term relationship you’re cheating on your partner.

Emotional cheating

The cheating definition becomes a lot more complicated when you merely feel attracted to someone on an emotional level. You’ve fallen in love with someone at work, you feel attracted to someone at the gym, or you just enjoy spending time with someone you play sports with. Technically you’re not doing anything wrong, so is that emotional attraction cheating?

Just to be clear, or to sush their conscience, some people go online and type in their favorite browser ‘cheating definition’. They will find that cheating definition means a variety of things that often has nothing to do with having sex.

Whether you merely have a girlfriend/boyfriend, are engaged, living together, are married, or have agreed to an open relationship, there’s a fine line between what’s acceptable and what isn’t and only you will know when that line is crossed.

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