Affair Sites

Affair Sites

What are the top affair sites for cheating on your partner? If you are looking for a sexual adventure, you’re probably most concerned about your partner finding out on you. Hooking up with someone in a bar or club is obviously not the best option unless you want to take the risk to be caught […]

Cheating definition – Infidelity consequences

cheating definition

What is the emotional cheating definition? When two people get married, love generally is the deciding factor. When they say their marriage vows they have no problem with ‘for richer, for poorer’ or with ‘in sickness or in health’, it’s with the ‘forsaken all others’ that things get tricky. In the beginning staying faithful might […]

Infidelity in marriage – relationship or divorce

Infidelity in marriage

Infidelity in marriage – an introduction Online dating is increasing rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways for secret dating. Whether you’re a happily married individual or someone that is in an unhappy marriage you can’t help but be drawn to infidelity in marriage to see what you’re missing.

Infidelity blog – revealing stories and facts

infidelity blog – Tips for Choosing an Infidelity Site No one marries with cheating in their mind. We all hope to live a more fulfilling life with a person we love. However, sometimes it doesn’t go as hoped. Many couples are stuck in loveless relationships. The many separations and divorces that happen every month are […]

Infidelity Meaning – New infidelity definition

Infidelity Meaning

infidelity meaning – introduction Infidelity meaning, is widely spread and it can be defined in many different ways. It has no specific meaning and has been defined differently by different schools of thoughts. Infidelity happens when one has an affair outside intimate relationship and your partner is not aware of the affair. Infidelity meaning does […]

Infidelity causes – Discover new information

Infidelity Causes

Common infidelity causes in a marriage Fidelity is an important phenomenon in a marriage, however from time to time there are incidences of infidelity. There are several reasons why a person may cheat on his or her partner in a marriage. The most common infidelity causes are as follows:

Infidelity Definition – Information round about infidelity

Infidelity Definition

The New Twist In Infidelity Definition The proliferation of secret dating sites that leads to secret dating has given a twist to the whole concept of infidelity definition. The line between faithfulness and infidelity is gradually becoming blurred as more people scour the internet for hook-up sites that can provide secret sex partners. So widespread […]

Infidelity Online – Real facts about infidelity

Infidelity Online

The Thrill of Anonymous Infidelity online Millions of internet users are in relationships or are married and yet still use the internet to meet strangers for infidelity online. It normally starts with a cheeky comment to test how far they can go and a nervous ensures to see if the other person either gets offended […]